Outreach Programs

We promote the integration of safe and healthy touch through outreach massage programs for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, senior centers, and to our veterans.

veterans massage program

Touch A Warrior

This program provides massage therapy services to veterans, helping to address PTSD, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), depression, and regulation of pain medication. Massage therapy is acknowledged to be very beneficial when used in conjunction with other medical support and interventions to help former servicemen and women overcome these obstacles, which are among the most common in those who fought in Vietnam or Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

In addition to addressing the physical ailments, massage also helps to ease emotional pain sustained while abroad and reconnect them to the world in a meaningful way.  Our goal is to provide therapeutic massages at a discounted price or free-of-charge to homeless and low-to-moderate income (LMI) veterans in the Chattanooga area as a way of thanking them for what they’ve provided our country.

senior massage program

Senior Touch

Numerous studies have demonstrated that seniors who have little to no touch may be more withdrawn, depressed, anxious, insecure, shy, lonely, isolated, aggressive and avoidant to social activities. Often they experience a change in their health patterns including loss of appetite and sleep, which can hinder or worsen the progress of their health.

The sense of touch is so powerful that some experts recommend seniors receive regular, professional massages. Gentle kneading of muscles helps release tension, improve blood flow through the body and even ease the pain of arthritis, which becomes more pronounced with age. In place of a full-body massage, foot, hand and shoulder rubs can be just as emotionally and physically beneficial.

"Massage is the only way I receive touch since my spouse's passing." 

Vivian C., Beneficiary

Relax and Give Back

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